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Attraction of Munnar


Set in the Western Ghats, Munnar through some fortuitous geography is conveniently close to a host of great attractions. Wildlife sanctuaries, an exotic sandalwood forest, a bird sanctuary, enchanting hill stations, and Asia's first and breathtaking arch-dam form the must- see places of this natural heaven. Just driving along its meandering country roads, on a sparkling summer day, is it a trip for all the senses. The landscape constantly shifts tone and tempo, with majestically dark woodlands discreetly receding into glittering tea gardens, which tumble violently into monumental precipices.

Location Idukki District on the high ranges of the Western Ghats Altitude 5000-8000 ft above sea level.

Attractions Munnar:

Mat petty Dam is situated at the height of 1700 Mtr above sea level; Madupetty is located at 12 Km away from Munnar on the way to Top Station.This dam, has been built with the pallivasal Hydro-Electric Project during the summer. An independent hydroelectric project too functions near the dam, with a capacity of 2 MH, even during the day time. Madupetty Lake and dam is a very beautiful picnic spot. Madupetty is a place nobody missed to visit while on a trip to Munnar.The grass mounts of the indo-swiss Project, a great Variety of trees and plant etc...

Echo point Located at 18 kms away from Munnar on the way Top station. His scenic place gets its name from natural echo phenomenon. Visitors can enjoy by making howl against the reservoir, nature will answer with an echo,. If you make the howling by standing be side the reservoir Louder and clear will be the echo, this nature response to a human call can not be seen anywhere else in Kerala.

Gundala Lake is located at 28 Km away from Munnar on the way to Top Station. Asian's first Arch Dam Located amidst forest, Gundala dam and its surroundings offer a calm and quiet atmosohere with quiet natural beauty, untouched by artificial developments.At present,the Kerala state Electrcity Bords has arranged Boating facilities in the dam.Beautiful Kashmiri shikkara boats and pedal boats as well as available on rent Boating the dam is an pedal experience beyond words.

Top station view is located at 35 Kms away from Munnar on the way Munnar, Top Station - Border of two states (Tamilnadu and Kerala) - very lofty place where Kerala is separated from Tamilnadu, . The beautiful landscape of Tamilnadu can be seen when the atmosphere is clear. The stark contrast of these literate, rocky mountains of top station with greeneries elsewhere is really striking. One time, the KDH Tea Company transported their tea to Munnar through rope way from here. Kodaikanal an important tourist spot in South India is just 61 Km away from Top Station but the journey may be hazardous since the road goes through thick forest and dangerous turn and bends. The rare Nilakurinji (Strobilanthus) belongs to this region. This plant a bloom wants every 12 years bathing the hill sides in bright blue. The flowering season lasts for about one month. The whole area baths in the violet of the Kurinji flowers during this season.

Attukad water fall is located at 10 kms away from Munnar.and(A locality in between Adimali and munnar –NH 49) If we go through the narrow estate road from Pallivasal to Attukad for about 4 kms we cane reach the water fall. The sight of water falling down steeply creating milk foam is quite spectacular Evan during the peak summer this sight is there as usual. Dangerous water falls not recommended for bathing.

Pothamedu view is located at 5 kms away from Munnar. On the way Cochin Headworks dam junction will take left side, Pothamedu a sumall village inhabited mainly by estate workers. The surrounding places can be seen clearly like a birds eye view. When the atmosphere is clear even the Idukki Arch Dam, which is 60 Km away from Munnar, can be seen. The panoramic view of greenish tea, coffee and cardamom plantation and the cloud kissing mountain is exciting one. The rolling hills, the lush mountain and the breathtaking scenery here are ideal for trekking and long mountain walks.

The Blossom International Park is located at 3 Km away from Munnar on the way to Cochin. Commencing from Headworks Dam it stretches about 15 acres. Beautiful gardens with rare varieties of plants and flowers, shady trees, facilities for water cycling, boating cycling for kids, roller skating etc are amusing. In addition Tree houses, ropeways and swings are arranged. Anybody who wants to spend some leisure time at the lap of serene natural beauty will find this park, the right place. Entrance Fees - Rs.10.00/ for adult and Rs.5.00/- for child.

The Tata Tea Museum Located from 1 km in the Munnar, Nallathanni road, will make us reach the Tea museum A tata museum that provides a glimpse of the history of tea plantation in kerala High ranges. diligently portrays the growth of Munnar tea estates, veritably conveyed through some of the displays like the rudimentary tea roller to the modern fully automated tea factory. Visitors to the museum can satiate their curiosity on various stages of tea processing, and also learn a thing or two about the production of black tea.

Rajamala Located from 12 away from on the way chinnar. One of the main attractions in and around Munnar is the Eravikulam National Park; this park is famous for its endangered inhabitant - the Nilgiri Tahr. Spread over an area of 97 sq. km., this park is also home to several species of rare butterflies, animals and birds. A great place for trekking, the park offers a magnificent view of the tea plantations and also the rolling hills caressed by blankets of mists. The park becomes a hot destination when the hill slopes here get covered in a carpet of blue, resulting from the flowering of Neelakurinji. It is a plant endemic to this part of the Western Ghats which blooms once in twelve years. The last time it bloomed was in 2006.

Anaimudi being the highest peak in South India (8850 ft.) The whole park is composed of mounts, beautiful meadows and valleys. The park is originally meant to protect one of the rare species, Nilgiri Tahr. As per world report only 2000 Tahrs are alive on the earth in which 1000 Tahrs in this park. The local name for the Tahr is "Varai aadu". Another attraction of this park is Neelakurinji, one of the rarest flower on the earth known for its beauty and medicine importance. The Neelakurinji bloom only once in 12 years. The flowering season lasts for about one month. The whole area baths in the violet of the Kurinji flowers during this season. The Eravikulam National Park is of great ecological importance due to its very rich bio-diversity.

Luckam water fall Located 26 kms away from Munnar, on the way chinnar (and) Coimbatore).A beautiful waterfall awaits you in the wild near Lackam a place near the vaguvarrai Tea estate.From the road just five minutes tramp takes you to the chilling and thrilling sight. Entery fees Rs 5/- only.

Marayoor is located at the outskirt of Munnar at the distance of 42 Km on the way to Chinnar. The relics of new stone-age civilization have been unearthed here. Marayoor is known for its tribal culture and Sandalwood forests. Visitors can see cardamom plantation, Coffee plantation and Orange grove wild greek on the way to Marayoor. Marayoor is the only place where natural sandalwood forest is seen. The sandalwood here is high quality. Sandalwood forests stretch for few kilo meters. There is a Sandalwood Depot too near the forest where we can see the sandalwood processing. In the forest there is a Children's Park and Deer Park. A major area of Marayoor forest have been covered by Sandalwood and Bamboo forests. Muniyara Cave - The dwelling caves of ancient tribal located at 1 km away from Marayoor on the way to Kanthalloor. These caves have been made of huge rocky planks or slabs. These were holy caves where the ancient sages used to meditate. The sight of the cave really a wonder. Visitors can also find a temple on the bank of Pambar which has been created in a single rock.

Chinnar wildlife sanctuary - border of two states (Tamilnadu and Kerala) - is located at 61 Km away from Munnar on the way to Coimbatore. Chinnar was declared as a Indhra Gandhi wildlife sanctuary in 1984 which covered an area of 90.422 sq-km. The undulated terrain with rocky patches increases the scenic splendor of the sanctuary. The forest type comprise scurb forests, dry deciduous forests, high sholas and wet grasslands. Rare species like Star Tortoise, Giant Grizzled Squirrel, Guar and Bison Herd found here. In addition huge amount of animals like Elephant, Sambar Deer, Spotted Deer, Hanuman Monkeys also found here. There is a Guest house and Tree house available for accommodation. There is also a watch tower to see the forest and animals with a panoramic view.

Lockhart Gap View point is located at 13 Km away from Munnar on the way to Munnar to Madurai National highway. Every Morning The silver clouds roaming through the mountain and valleys are really an attractive one. Panoramic view from this place give us bird's eye view of the kilo meters of surrounding area. This is an ideal place for adventure tourism and trekking points.

Power house waterfall water falls is located at 16 Km away from Munnar on the way to Munnar-Madurai National highway. Power house water falls is a land of breathtaking waterfalls. Very beautiful down pour clear and chilly water from a peak amidst dense tea field. The waters cascade down a hill from a height of about 800 m. The enticing surroundings makes an excellent picnic spot. The spot is enriched with the scenic western mountain ranges, and is an ideal place for a break on the way to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady. This is a ideal place for bathing.

Aneiyirangal dam is located at 25 Km away from Munnar on the way to Thekkady. Unlike other reservoirs, the Aneiyirangal Dam is a very charming scene for all visitors. The reservoir and its surrounding place make a very beautiful landscape which is quiet memorable.

Kolukkumalai tea estate is 35 km from Munnar. This is on a precipitous ridge above the scorching plains of Tamilnadu. This is the highest reputed tea estate at approximately 8000 feet above the sea level. It takes 90 minutes from Munnar to reach this tea estate.

It produces excellent flavorsome teas and is publicized as the world highest tea production. Besides tea, Kolukkumalai is prominent for it panoramic views, and rugged mountains. On clear nights Kolukkumalai is visible from this estate.Only jeep safari is possible.

Altitude 1575-2500      Mts above sea level
Area 26. 2
Temperature 0 c – 30 c
Summer 15.2 – 25.8 c
Winter 0 c - - 10 c
Rain fall 275 cm
Best time to visit September to May
Clothing Woolen and cotton
Languages Tamil, Malayalam, English (spoken)
Nearest Railway Cochin (Eranakulam) 140 kms
Nearest Railway Madurai 175 kms
Nearest Railway Coimbatore 175 kms
Nearest Airport Cochin 120 kms
Nearest Airport Madurai 185 kms
Nearest Airport Coimbatore 185 kms
Places to visitPhoto Point (Teagarden) Jungle honeybee nest, Mattuppatty dam and boating, Film shooting point, Echo point, Kundaly lake, Top station view, Tata Tea museum,Rajamala,Eravikulam national park,Luckkam waterfall, Blossom Park, Bothamedu view point (Sunset view) cardamom coffee & pepper plantations, Chinnar.Gapview,powerhouse waterfall,etc…

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